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A painful emotion compounded of loathing and fear; a shuddering with terror and repugnance; strong aversion mingled with dread; the feeling excited by something shocking or frightful. Also in a weaker sense, intense dislike or repugnance (Oxford English Dictionary)

A Personal History of Horror is exactly that: my attempt at working through my own experiences with the horror genre in all its forms and perhaps, eventually, figuring out how I made the journey from abject coward to being a fan of the genre.

This blog will therefore be occasionally personal and will not necessarily represent a "deep dive" into the genre or the individual examples covered. It's also going to be pretty ecletic.

Along the way there will be recommendations, reminiscences and reviews. These won't just cover film and television, but also books, podcasts and anything else that seems relevant or interesting.  

So thanks for visiting. I hope you find something new, nostalgic, thought-provoking or entertaining here but if not please feel free to mock my childhood trauma.

And hey! Let's be careful out there.

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